EA Sports FC 24 wonderkids: The best bargains on Career Mode

Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith
  • 29 Sept 2023 13:40 BST
  • 5 min read
Antonio Nusa, Club Brugge
© ProShots

EA Sports FC 24 is here, with the first edition of the video game since it split from its long-term partnership with FIFA.

The new game has some rather radical changes included, with female footballers now included in Ultimate Team and an all-new feature called ‘Play Styles’ making their debut in EA FC 24.

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EA Sports FC 24, which has rebranded from its famous title of 'FIFA', is the first game that will see male and female footballers in the same game mode, with players able to use both men and women in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

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However, while female players have been added to Ultimate Team in a historic moment in football video game history, they will not be available for use in the popular Career Mode.

Career Mode will remain focused on the men’s game, with EA FC players able to choose a player career or a manager career as usual. Career Mode was one of the most popular game modes in FIFA and it’s expected to have a similar level of interest in EA FC 24.

As always, players will strive to develop their team and watch young stars reach their potential.

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Each year, players are given a ‘potential’ rating in Career Mode to go alongside their regular rating in Kick Off and Ultimate Team. This makes Career Mode a unique experience as EA FC 24 players are able to see young stars increase in rating every season, rather than remain at their base level.

As a result, finding young hidden gems is always an important aspect of Career Mode every year.

Andrey Santos has 84 potential in Career Mode
© ProShots - Andrey Santos has 84 potential in Career Mode

Below, FootballTransfers lists the best Under 20 players with the highest potential rating in EA FC 24 Career Mode. The only rules are they must have an initial overall rating of 70 or below and be aged 19 or younger as of September 2023.

The 25 best Career Mode wonderkids in EA FC 24

Guillaume RestesToulouseGK7087
Antonio NusaClub BruggeLM6887
Jorrel HatoAjaxCB6887
Julien DuranvilleDortmundLM6687
Carlos ForbsAjaxRW7086
Gianluca PrestianniVelezRM7086
Roony BardghjiCopenhagenRW6886
Simone PafundiUdineseCAM6786
Tom BischofHoffenheimCAM6686
Nelson WeiperMainzST6686
Paul WannerElversbergCAM6386
Pablo TorreGironaCAM7085
Kacper KozlowskiVitesseLM7085
Abdul Fatawu IssahakuLeicesterLW6985
Joao NevesBenficaCM6985
Jorne SpileersClub BruggeCB6985
Charlie PatinoSwanseaCM6885
Leon KingRangersCB6685
Amourricho van Axel DongenAjaxLW6585
Lewis MileyNewcastleCM6385
Lennon MillerMotherwellCM5985
Andrey SantosNottingham ForestCM7084
Matteo PratiCagliariCDM7084
Benjamin TahirovicAjaxCDM7084
Abakar SyllaStrasbourgCB7084

Toulouse goalkeeper Guillaume Restes, Club Brugge star Antonio Nusa, Ajax’s Jorrel Hato and Borussia Dortmund winger Julien Duranville all have 87 potential in EA FC 24 Career Mode this year.

In terms of possible growth, Duranville leads the way as he starts the game as a 66 rated card, meaning he can be boosted by 21 ratings in EA FC 24 Career Mode.

Other notable wonderkids with high potential include former Manchester City academy wonderkid Carlos Forbs (86 potential), Arsenal loanee Charlie Patino (85 potential) and Chelsea loan star Andrey Santos (84 potential).

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