About Us

FootballTransfers (FT) is a project designed to fulfill the massive interest in the transfer market and provide a realistic, algorithmically-driven valuation of football players.

Valuing a player is currently an arbitrary process where teams, players and representatives simply estimate what they are worth. FT aims to use advanced football data, current and future skill level as well as contract length and other details to create our unique internal calculation. From there we derive our own valuation for each and every player in the world’s major football competitions.

Here at FT we also aim to provide the most up-to-date transfer news, analysis, statistics and transfer histories for football's leading clubs and players. We also allow a user to follow transfer narratives from beginning to end via our bespoke player page environments, giving them a clear story of which stage a projected transfer is at as well as how likely it is to finally happen.

And if you’re unsure that a proposed transfer could work for your favourite team or player, you can utilise our ‘Best Fit’ calculation that analyses a player’s skillset and matches them up with a preferred team which could best utilise their talents.

Our goal is simple - to become the #1 multi-language transfers source in the football world, serving the football fan their direct desire to follow who is going where, and for how much, in this new post-coronavirus transfer environment. Sign up for notifications and follow our social media channels today to remain connected!

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Kemp House
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