Arsenal fans poisoning club with Arteta & Edu attacks

Cameron Smith
Reece James in front of angry Arsenal fans

Arsenal are in a precarious position both on and off the pitch, and the relationship between the club and the fans is at boiling point.

There have, of course, been teething problems on the pitch for the Gunners over the past few years, and the failure to qualify for the Champions League and subsequent slide down the table has seen them hit with criticism.

With a lack of leadership and presence, as well as limited backing compared to the other 'big six' clubs, Arsenal have taken several steps backwards and are now a long way behind the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City.

The club are seemingly in a crisis, having lost both their opening Premier League fixtures 2-0 but, off the pitch, things are just as bad.

The relationship between the club and the fans

For almost a decade now, Arsenal fans have often been the loudest online, whether that be expressing their displeasure at their team, or simply celebrating their victories at the expense of rival fans.

The debacle surrounding the continuous 'Wenger Out' demands displayed a first glimpse of things to come, with their legendary manager treated poorly. Since the Frenchman's departure, things have turned even more sour, with results dipping and therefore anger rising.

Fans have become louder in voicing their displeasure, and the atmosphere is certainly a negative one. In fact, the relationship between fans and the club is simply at breaking point, and it doesn't look like improving any time soon.

Mikel Arteta is under increasing pressure from angry fans

Mikel Arteta is under increasing pressure from angry fans

It's a problem that is tearing the club apart, but it's one that won't be fixed. The club are clearly trying to build for the future by signing younger players, and have acknowledged that they are simply too far away from the top four to have a realistic chance of Champions League football anytime soon.

However, that fact doesn't seem to have been accepted by the fans, who are demanding more.

Mikel Arteta was backed heavily by the fans during the early days of his reign, and after winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield in 2020, things looked to be on the up.

But, things have turned the other way. Fans were seen berating Arteta after the defeat to Chelsea, an incident that simply isn't acceptable. Many fans have simply turned to anger instead of rational thinking, and it is no doubt making things worse on the pitch.

Technical director Edu was also confronted, this time during the game against Chelsea, in front of his family.

The famous Arsenal Fan TV has almost promoted the negativity that fans have, giving them a platform to express their anger, while often neglecting the positives. This has put Arsenal fans in a light unlike any other in the country, and the crisis off the pitch is just as bad, if not worse, than the one on the pitch.

Many fans have simply turned against their club, and if the relationship continues in the way it's headed, then it spells even more trouble.

While the present on the pitch doesn't look great, the future does, but if fans don't stop their anger, Arsenal could feasibly struggle to ever recover back to their glory days of the early 2000s.