Cassano SLAMS Ronaldo AGAIN: He’s not among the best in history

Carlo Garganese
Carlo Garganese
  • 12 Jul 2023 09:05 BST
  • 3 min read
Al-Nassr's Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Portugal
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Antonio Cassano has continued his personal crusade against Cristiano Ronaldo, branding the Portugal legend as “not among the best in history”.

Cassano has been a long-time critic of Ronaldo, regularly hitting out at the former Juventus and Real Madrid star in the media.

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And the controversial ex-Roma and Italy attacker has once again hit the headlines by venting his anger at Ronaldo.

What did Cassano say about Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo is not among the best in history,” Cassano blasted.

“Did he score 800+ goals? Yes. Has he won titles? Yes. He's a good player, but playing good football is different.

“Zidane, Iniesta haven’t scored half the goals he has, but they are true geniuses.”

These comments are just the latest in a long line of angry attacks on Ronaldo by Cassano.

In April 2020, he remarked that “there is only one Ronaldo, the Brazilian one”, referring to the former Brazil, Inter and Real Madrid superstar.

In March 2021, Cassano blasted Ronaldo’s inability to improve Juventus’ fortunes in the Champions League after they won just one knockout tie in his three seasons at the club.

"Juventus signed him to win the Champions League, but they've done worse with him than they've done before," Cassano told Corriere dello Sport.

"They'd also won the Scudetto [Serie A title] without him. I think he's been a failure."

In October 2021, Cassano stated that Ronaldo is “not even among the top five players in history.”

“I would put Messi, Diego Maradona, Pelé, Johan Crujff. And then I’ll put Ronaldo, ‘Il Fenomeno’. Period.

“If we have to free someone, then Marco van Basten, as I don’t know Alfredo Di Stefano. Let’s not exaggerate.

Cassano’s constant attacks have annoyed Ronaldo, with the Portuguese star reportedly sending the Italian a number of angry WhatsApp messages last year.

Ronaldo is said to have felt disrespected by Cassano always attacking him.

“Cristiano wrote to me on WhatsApp asking for more respect after everything he’s won, all the goals he’s scored and for what he represents,” Cassano revealed in 2022.

“I’m not afraid to tell the truth, I’ll face the whole world, from the Pope to the last person on earth. I told Cristiano Ronaldo that it’s not disrespect to say that only one Ronaldo exists and it’s the Fenomeno, and that Messi is much better than him. That’s not disrespect.”

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