‘We are European football. They are not’ – UEFA send clear warning to Super League clubs

Paul Macdonald
Paul Macdonald Updated: 20 May 2021 12:26 CEST 2 min read
‘We are European football. They are not’ – UEFA send clear warning to Super League clubs

The UEFA congress has released a statement unanimously condemning the proposals for a new European Super League.

On Sunday night, intent was confirmed by 12 clubs including six from England, three from Spain and three from Italy, to join a privately-funded, self-governed breakaway league. It would threaten the Champions League, while the clubs involved would still participate in the domestic competitions.

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But clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City are facing a backlash from all angles. Fans are unhappy, while national associations have threatened sanctions such as bans and punishments.

Now UEFA has weighed in after its president, Aleksander Ceferin, spoke out about it on Monday.

Their statement read as follows:

“The 55 member associations and participants in the UEFA Congress condemn the declaration of a so called “Super League.” The UEFA Congress is adamant that the closed “Super League” goes against the very concept of what it is to be European: unified, open, supportive, and principled on sporting values. 

“UEFA and its member associations believe in a truly European model that is founded on open competitions, solidarity and redistribution to ensure the sustainability and development of the game for the benefit of all and the promotion of European values and social outcomes.

“The conspirator clubs have obviously failed to see that their status today was not achieved in isolation, but rather was part of a dynamic European system where big, medium and small clubs have all contributed to the successes and losses of everyone. It is an affront to European values and sporting merit for them to assume they are entitled to “separate” and lay claim to the legacy that everyone built. 

“UEFA, its member associations and all those who love football stand firm and will strongly resist and fight against this move by these clubs’ owners and their backers to the fullest extent possible. We know, morally, what is at stake and will protect football from a selfish clan who care nothing for the game. We are European football. They are not.”

Possible ban from the Euros?

It looks likely that UEFA will act harshly on this matter, and that must have players worried about the possibility of them being banned from international competitions that are run by the European governing body and FIFA.

The likes of Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes have come out against it already, and it could be that if Manchester United and other clubs continue down this path, their players could be banned from the coming European Championships in the summer.