Data-Driven Player Valuation

The Player Valuation Model offers the largest, most up to date and accurate database of Estimated Transfer Values (ETV) in the industry - All powered by AI.

In association with FootballTransfers, SciSports calculates with their Player Valuation Model the Estimated Transfer Values (ETV) for more than 240,000 professional football players in over 250 leagues. They do this by using a machine learning model that is trained on around 600,000 historical transfers to find patterns in the transfer fees paid for transfers in the past.

In combination with other influential attributes this results in authentic player valuations that are updated every month. Their model is built to best represent the intrinsic value of a player based on historic and futuristic on-pitch added value under free market circumstances.

The biggest and most accurate database of transfer values powered by AI

ETV Calculation Graph

Information taken into account

Broadly the information considered when calculating ETV can be grouped as follows:

  • Player age
  • Player position
  • Player performance
    • Current player level
    • Projected potential level
    • Recent playing time
  • Player experience
    • Number of matches played
    • Number of minutes played
    • Experience in domestic leagues
    • Experience in (inter)national tournaments
  • League strength
  • Contract situation

Why our values are market leading

Based on extensive market research we’re confident that our Estimated Transfer Values (ETV) are the best in the industry. Here are the key reasons why:

  • With 240,000 players in 250 leagues, we have the biggest database of player values available in the market that are updated every single month
  • By relying on a powerful SciSports algorithm, that is trained on 600,000 historical transfers, and a dedicated expert panel managed by FootballTransfers, we’ve taken an innovative approach that the industry has not seen before
  • Some companies make use of an arbitrary process where a few times per year players are valued based on estimations, while we update and crunch the numbers every single month to provide a more accurate view on what a player is worth
  • Unless any other party we’re able to deliver historical development, value ranges and a single value to best express a player’s valuation
  • SciSports is known for its data analytics work that is adopted by professional football organisations all over the world and has an enormous amount of first-hand experience when it’s comes to objectively quantifying football players

Interested in ETV?

ETV is available through a standard system API in JSON format. For contact details, please fill in the form here.