WATCH: S*x noises interrupt Euro 2024 draw as event forced to pause

Jacque Talbot
Jacque Talbot
  • 2 Dec 2023 12:37 CST
  • 7 min read
sex noises
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The Euro 2024 ceremony had to stop for a few seconds after someone started playing sex noises from an audio device.

As some of the names were read out, rude sounds started to be picked up by the camera and those in the audience, with the presenter having to stop the proceedings until it ceased.

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The same happened during the BBC's FA Cup coverage in January, courtesy of YouTube prankster Jarvo and his same-sex noise prank. Now, this very individual has asserted ownership of Saturday's stunt, as he captions the video on Twitter: "Pranking UEFA Euro 2024 Draw with sex noise."

What was the Euro 2024 draw?

The Euro 2024 draw took place on Saturday 2 December in Hamburg. There were four ‘Pots’ and each final group consists of one team from each of the four ‘Pots.’

There are six different groups, with the top two automatically advancing into the knockout stages, as well as the four best third-place finishers.

What are the groups?

Group A


Group B


Group C


Group D

Play-off Winner Path A

Group E

Play-off Winner Path B

Group F

Play-off Winner Path C
Germany were in Pot 1 of the Euro 2024 draw
© ProShots - Germany were in Pot 1 of the Euro 2024 draw

What are the Euro 2024 group fixtures?

Now that the group draw has been made, we know the exact fixtures that will take place to kick off the tournament. Each team will play three group stage matches - with one game against each of the three other teams in their group.

Furthermore, we know the order of who will play who and on what date. A1 refers to the first team in Group A, while B1 refers to the first team in Group B etc.

14 June

Germany (A1) vs Scotland (A2) (Munich)

15 June

Spain (B1) vs Croatia (B2) (Berlin)

Italy (B3) vs Albania (B4) (Dortmund)

Hungary (A3) vs Switzerland (A4) (Cologne)

16 June

Serbia (C3) vs England (C4) (Gelsenkirchen)

Play-off Winner A (D1) vs Netherlands (D2) (Hamburg)

Slovenia (C1) vs Denmark (C2) (Stuttgart)

17 June

Austria (D3) vs France (D4) (Düsseldorf)

Belgium (E1) vs Slovakia (E2) (Frankfurt)

Romania (E3) vs Play-off Winner B (E4) (Munich)

18 June

Portugal (F3) vs Czechia (F4) (Leipzig)

Türkiye (F1) vs Play-off Winner C (F2) (Dortmund)

19 June

Croatia (B2) vs Albania (B4) (Hamburg)

Scotland (A2) vs Switzerland (A4) (Cologne)

Germany (A1) vs Hungary (A3) (Stuttgart)

Dominik Szoboszlai guided Hungary to qualification
© ProShots - Dominik Szoboszlai guided Hungary to qualification

20 June

Spain (B1) vs Italy (B3) (Gelsenkirchen)

Denmark (C2) vs England (C4) (Frankfurt)

Slovenia (C1) vs Serbia (C3) (Munich)

21 June

Play-off Winner A (D1) vs Austria (D3) (Berlin)

Netherlands (D2) vs France (D4) (Leipzig)

Slovakia (E2) vs Play-off Winner B (E4) (Düsseldorf)

22 June

Play-off Winner C (F2) vs Czechia (F4) (Hamburg)

Türkiye (F1) vs Portugal (F3) (Dortmund)

Belgium (E1) vs Romania (E3) (Cologne)

23 June

Switzerland (A4) vs Germany (A1) (Frankfurt)

Scotland (A2) vs Hungary (A3) (Stuttgart)

24 June

Croatia (B2) vs Italy (B3) (Leipzig)

Albania (B4) vs Spain (B1) (Düsseldorf)

25 June

Netherlands (D2) vs Austria (D3) (Berlin)

France (D4) vs Play-off Winner A (D1) (Dortmund)

England (C4) vs Slovenia (C1) (Cologne)

Denmark (C2) vs Serbia (C3) (Munich)

26 June

Czechia (F4) vs Türkiye (F1) (Hamburg)

Play-off Winner C (F2) vs Portugal (F3) (Gelsenkirchen)

Slovakia (E2) vs Romania (E3) (Frankfurt)

Play-off Winner B (E4) vs Belgium (E1) (Stuttgart)

What are the Euro 2024 knockout fixtures?

The path to the Euro 2024 final hasn’t been fully mapped out thus far, but once again, the last-16 fixture order has been revealed. 1A refers to the team who qualified top of Group A, while 2C refers to the team who finished second in Group C.

29 June

1A vs 2C (Dortmund)

2A vs 2B (Berlin)

30 June

1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Cologne)

1C vs 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen)

1 July

1F vs 3A/B/C (Frankfurt)

2D vs 2E (Düsseldorf)

2 July

1E vs 3A/B/C/D (Munich)

1D vs 2F (Leipzig)

Who are the favourites to win Euro 2024?

Currently, England and France are the joint-favourites to win Euro 2024. England qualified top of Group C, with 20 points from eight matches, while France finished first in Group B having tallied 22 points in eight games. Neither team lost in qualification.

Kylian Mbappe's France are favourites to win Euro 2024
© ProShots - Kylian Mbappe's France are favourites to win Euro 2024

Hosts Germany are also expected to perform well under new boss Julian Nagelsmann, while Spain, Portugal, reigning champions Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Croatia also rank near the top of the bookies’ favourites list.

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