'Even Messi can be bought' - Kim Kardashian and Inter Miami blasted

Tom Weber
Tom Weber
  • Updated: 27 Feb 2024 10:25 GMT
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Lionel Messi, Saint West, Kim Kardashian

Fans were left outraged after Kim Kardashian's child Saint West got the chance to walk out with Lionel Messi against the LA Galaxy.

Messi's arrival in Major League Soccer has had a stunning impact. Ticket prices have skyrocketed and every game involving the Argentine is surrounded by a media circus of hitherto unknown proportions, perhaps only matched by the signing of David Beckham in 2007.

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Watching Inter Miami games is increasingly becoming a privilege, with many supporters left outraged by the inflation of costs in the wake of Messi's move stateside. MLS has always been a league that has welcomed celebrity attention - clubs like LAFC and the Seattle Sounders are owned by Hollywood stars - but the league appears to be going a little overboard with the Messi hype.

Indeed, fans were fuming over what occurred prior to Inter Miami's second game of the new MLS season against the LA Galaxy. Ahead of the match, Messi walked out with one of Kim Kardashian's children, Saint West, with the socialite later tweeting that her kid was "living the absolute dream."

'Even Messi can be bought'

This prompted angry responses on social media accusing Kardashian of using her wealth to make this possible. One fan wrote: "Would be awesome if some kid actually deserving of it got that opportunity. Not someone who was incredibly lucky to be born to billionaires."

Another simply said: "Money can buy happiness. Debate closed!" This was echoed by a different supporter: "Whoever said money is not everything was lying. Even Messi can be bought!"

"Talk about privilege. Hope he can kick the ball," another fan wrote. Lionel Messi is being milked for all he is worth and supporters are increasingly growing tired of the media frenzy his every move is accompanied by.

As for Messi, it doesn't seem to concern him too much. He scored his first goal of the season against the Galaxy to salvage a late point for David Beckham's MLS franchise.

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