Man Utd, Chelsea and Tottenham – How Mourinho made £55m from getting sacked

Paul Macdonald
Paul Macdonald Updated: 20 May 2021 12:26 CEST 5 min read
Man Utd, Chelsea and Tottenham – How Mourinho made £55m from getting sacked

Jose Mourinho may have been known as the ‘Special one’ once upon a time but these days he should perhaps be better known as the ‘rich one’ following yet another dismissal from a top job. 

The Portuguese coach lasted just 17 months in London before Tottenham Hotspur decided to cut their losses with ‘Mou’ on Monday afternoon. 

Indeed, Mourinho’s spell at Spurs was eerily familiar to his time at Manchester United and his second stint at Chelsea, where the former Real Madrid and Porto manager simply couldn’t reach the heights he had achieved earlier in his career. 

However, if there is one consolation for the 58-year-old coach it seems to be that he’ll once again be walking into the sunset with a huge pot of cash to keep him company. 

According to the Athletic, Tottenham will fork out no less than £16 million to cut ties with Mourinho due to the fact that he still had a long-term contract with the club. Which, according to the publication would bring the manager’s total for his career to date to an incredible £55m. 

How has Mourinho made £55m from being sacked?

Since 2002 Mourinho has worked for no less than seven major European clubs and in almost every instance the Portuguese coach has either been poached by a bigger club or received a pay out to leave prematurely. And that means he’s most likely made a profit at every turn. 

According to the Athletic, Mourinho made £1.7m in compensation when he left Porto in 2004, then made a further £18m after his first spell at Chelsea. The publication believes he made a further £5m after his second stint at Stamford Bridge. 

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Although Mourinho apparently made no money from his departures from Inter and Real Madrid, the manager apparently made no less than £15m when Man Utd decided to part ways with him in 2018. 

And when you add all those numbers together it suggests that Mourinho has likely made at least £55m from losing numerous jobs in football. 

Chelsea (first and second spell)£23m
Manchester United£15m
Tottenham Hotspur£16m