Aguero BEGS Messi to join his team

Jacque Talbot
Jacque Talbot
  • Updated: 21 Jun 2023 13:56 BST
  • 3 min read
Aguero and Messi in action for Argentina
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Sergio Aguero has urged former team-mate Lionel Messi to play for his seven-a-side Kings League team.

The 35-year-old is now a chairman of Kunisports, a side competing in the side that Gerard Pique and Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos made in December.

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The tournament has ‘cards’ which pose special advantages to teams such as removing an opposition player for two minutes.

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The likes of Ronaldinho, Iker Casillas, and Andrea Pirlo have competed. And Aguero was asked about the chances of his former room-mate Messi joining, He told ESPN: 'We haven't spoken about it. I think it's a little complicated at the moment with the schedule, but I hope one day he can play for us.

“Many stars have played and more want to come. We've seen Chicharito, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Shevchenko, and Casillas play for some of the other teams.

He continued: “There are a lot of players keen [to represent Kunisports], but obviously with the timing and the distances involved, it's not been possible for a lot of them, but there are many ex-players interested in playing. It's just a case of finding the dates.”

Messi to the MLS

Messi is set to move to the MLS after signing an agreement with Inter Miami, though there is a chance he could find time to play in the off-season.

The Kings League has a devoted following - with five million viewers watching on YouTube and Twitch.

It is a unique version of football for retired players, similar to The Masters in the UK.

Aguero said: ''It's different to how I experienced the game as a professional. It's more about having fun and entertaining people. There are the novelty cards and we put on a bit of a show to entertain. It's very different to traditional football.”

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