Which Premier League team had the most penalties in 2020/21?

Martin Macdonald
Martin Macdonald
  • Updated: 27 May 2021 14:26 BST
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Which Premier League team had the most penalties in 2020/21?

With the introduction of VAR and the new handball rules, the Premier League has seen the number of penalties awarded increase over the past year – much to the annoyance of fans everywhere.

In the 2018/19 season and the 2019/20 season, Manchester United were the team who received the most penalties throughout the Premier League campaign, earning 12 and then 14 in consecutive years.

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In 2020/21, however, they have been usurped to the top spot by Leicester City, who were awarded 12 in total.

Man Utd got 11 on this occasion, while Chelsea were in third with 10.

Most penalties awarded in the Premier League

1. Leicester City12
2. Man Utd11
3. Chelsea10
4. Man City9
= Brighton9
6. Newcastle7
7. Fulham6
= Aston Villa6
= Southampton6
= Liverpool6
= Arsenal6

While Leicester were the team that were awarded the most penalties, they did not have the player who scored the most penalties.

Jamie Vardy converted eight goals from the spot throughout the campaign, but this is one behind the tally of nine set by Bruno Fernandes of Man Utd.

The Portuguese scored 18 league goals, half of which came from penalties.

Leicester, remarkably, had more than double the amount of penalties than more than half of the teams in the Premier League.

The team that received the least number of penalties this campaign was Burnley, who had the opportunity to score from 12 yards on just three occasions.

Seven teams have a 100% success rate from the spot this season – Liverpool (6), Arsenal (6), Tottenham (5), Leeds (4), Wolves (4), West Brom (4) and Burnley (3).

Fulham and West Ham have the worst success rate, with both converting just 50% of their penalties with six and four taken respectively.

Man City failed to convert on the most occasions as they missed 4/9 penalties over the course of the campaign.

At the other end of the pitch, the team who conceded the most penalties was relegated West Brom (11), while Tottenham and Man City conceded nine each.

Tottenham, Man Utd, Fulham, Leicester and Burnley could be doing with some practice between the sticks for their goalkeepers as they failed to save a single penalty.