Harry Maguire to Everton: The truth behind ‘Fabrizio Romano transfer rumour’

Robin Bairner
Robin Bairner
  • 26 Jan 2023 13:35 GMT
  • 3 min read
Erik ten Hag, Maguire, 2022/23

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag may ultimately want to see Harry Maguire leave his squad via a transfer, but reports linking the England centre-back to Everton appear off the mark.

A report suggested that former Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is wanted as Everton manager and is eager to sign Maguire and Scott McTominay to the Goodison Park club.

The initial source was cited as transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, but there was no backlink to the story, raising suspicion over its validity.

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Indeed, a quick Google suggests that Romano has not linked Solskjaer to Everton, let alone suggested that he could take two of Ten Hag’s squad members with him.

The Toffees have been linked with McTominay in the relatively recent past while Maguire might be the sort of player they would target as they fight relegation, giving the information a hint of credibility.

However, the only result that is thrown up in this case is a story debunking the Romano links and instead pointing to what is probably the initial source of the rumour.

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Is Maguire to Everton happening?

This appears to be a tweet from a Manchester United account that has simply tagged Romano in what seems to be a fabricated transfer story.

“Everton are considering Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a possible replacement for Frank Lampard. The Everton board was impressed with Ole’s rebuild during his tenure at Manchester United. Direct contacts expected to happen this week,” it reports in one of its only two tweets to date.

The other reads: “Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will only take the Everton job if they sign Harry Maguire & Scott McTominay for him before the January window closes.”

Both tweets have attracted significant attention but it appears highly unlikely that there is any truth to them, meaning Maguire and McTominay can expect to stay put.