Barcelona risk Nike WRATH with revolutionary jersey decision

Suraj Radia
Suraj Radia
  • 29 Feb 2024 20:54 GMT
  • 3 min read
Joan Laporta

Barcelona are set to make the shock decision of breaking their contract with Nike in order to manufacture their own shirts as the Catalan side are dissatisfied with their current agreement.

Nike have been in partnership with Barcelona since 1998 and their current deal was due to run until 2028 but the club have felt ‘discomfort’ with the American brand for several months, according to Spanish outlet SPORT.

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Puma have shown a strong interest in replacing Nike, having offered more than €100 million per season to Barcelona – exceeding the €85m the club currently receive.

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However, Barca president Joan Laporta revealed earlier this year that the club were considering producing their own brand through their licensing and merchandising company (BLM.)

BLM currently manufactures and distributes all the club’s non-sport clothing and branded objects, although a ‘large multinational’ company is likely to be partnered with for the team’s jerseys.

"We have a relationship that is not advisable,” Laporta told RAC1 in January. “They have not refueled us with material, not everything scheduled has been fulfilled, and the market pays us double Nike, we have been with them for more than 20 years and in difficult times they have not shown up."

Barcelona have been in partnership with Nike since 1998.
© IMAGO - Barcelona have been in partnership with Nike since 1998.

Barca looking to avoid Nike lawsuit with amicable resolution

The final decision will be made in March but there is a chance that the situation could be resolved as soon as next week, with Barcelona awaiting new communication with Nike.

However, there is not thought to be optimism with Nike and Barca do not feel that their demands of more money and higher standards will be met.

Barca will look to end their partnership with Nike amicably, with the club aware that they could be sued for breach of contract in a costly and likely successful lawsuit.

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A crucial sticking point could be Barca’s plans to manufacture their own products, meaning they will not be dealing with Nike’s rivals, which could ease tensions over a termination.

Nike’s potential lawsuit is partially why Barca are looking to focus on their own brand, although the club also feel they can make more money due to not having to split any revenue in major partnerships.

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