Ramos: It's 'absolutely impossible' that I would join Barcelona

Stefan Bienkowski
Stefan Bienkowski 17 Jun 2021 13:37 BST 3 min read
Ramos: No amount of money could make me move to Barcelona

Ramos: No amount of money could make me move to Barcelona

Sergio Ramos has confirmed that it is “absolutely impossible” that he would join Barcelona, after announcing his departure from Real Madrid.

The Spanish defender is set to leave the capital side after 16 years following the expiration of his contract with the club.

It remains to be seen where Ramos will go next - with Premier League giants like Manchester United and Chelsea as well as former clubs like Sevilla all linked with the defender - but the defender wanted to make it clear that he wouldn’t be making the move to Barcelona anytime soon.

"It's absolutely impossible that I'd join Barcelona,” said Ramos in a press conference on Thursday. “A huge no. As big as the new Bernabeu."

’I didn’t know Madrid’s contract offer had a time limit on it’

The reason for Ramos’ departure from Madrid was shrouded in mystery until the player himself confirmed on Thursday that the club had made an offer of a one-year extension to him a few months ago.

However, according to Ramos, he was unaware of a time limit being attached to the contract negotiations and while he was holding out for a two-year deal, the original offer expired. Which meant he was then forced to leave the club.

And while Ramos is surprised at the time limit on the offer, he later admitted that he would have accepted the original offer in time.

"I didn't realize there was a time limit on the contract,” the defender said in a press conference.

"Nobody told me there was a time limit on the contract offer. I respect it but it really surprised me.

“I don't know why my contract offer had a time limit on it, without anyone telling me about it. Maybe I misunderstood but nobody told me."

“My agent was told a week ago that the offer had expired...I hadn't told the club that I was going to accept it. But I was going to. But then they told me the offer had been withdrawn."