Martin Macdonald

Martin Macdonald


Martin Macdonald is an experienced digital journalist who has significant expertise in a number of different genres, including his work on FootballTransfers.

After initially working in financial services, Martin gained a qualification in advertising and public relations before joining the Real Times Network group. He has contributed to a number of different sites covering a range of topics, including

FootballTransfers, GPFans, FootballCritic,, The Celtic Exchange and The Celtic Star.

Football presented a path to Martin into the journalism world, while his passion for movies meant any opportunity to land a role within film reporting would be grasped with both hands. It is this passion which helped him land the role as Editor-In-Chief of successful film rating brand MovieMeter.

MovieMeter began by becoming the largest, most complete movie archive in the Netherlands, and has now branched out successfully into English language and beyond. Not only is Martin in charge of MovieMeter on a daily basis, he is also a subscriber and partof the site’s community and fabric. You will regularly see him providing his own, personal movie ratings as well as engaging in conversations with others in the comments section.

In addition to writing for, Martin is a co-presenter of the movie podcast Ugly Pulp Odyssey. The podcast was originally born out of a lockdown need for creativity and entertainment, but he, along with his friends Barry and Ross, have recorded more than 50 episodes to date.

An odd name for a podcast, you say? It was born out of the trio’s three favourite movies; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Pulp Fiction and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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